Have you heard about HEDIS but don't quite know how to break into the field?

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We are a group of experienced doctors and nurses who have devoted our careers to improving the quality of care. Now we are here to help you get into the HEDIS field through this self-paced online training.

So how do you get started? First, take a good look at your education and experience and tell yourself good job.  Wherever you are, you worked hard for it.  That's your starting point.  

Now all you need is: an amazing HEDIS Training and an Open Door.

This HEDIS Training will provide you with both.  We will make sure you understand the ins and outs of the HEDIS field and also support you in getting your foot in the door.

You may be asking what is a HEDIS job anyways? There are many positions within the field of HEDIS from performing chart reviews for managed care organizations to helping private practices improve their quality of care. Some HEDIS professionals work in teams at large hospitals and a lot work in flexible positions that allow them to telecommute and travel in the field.

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Everybody Wants Better Pay and Better Hours

HEDIS Delivers That and More

There is a reason for the great benefits of a HEDIS career. This job is demanding and you are rewarded for your great performance. A HEDIS professional is devoted to making a change and improving our healthcare system and by doing that you directly improve the health of your community and this world. But you also can demand a substantial salary along with the ability to work remotely.
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Break Into HEDIS

Interested in HEDIS? We Made it Pretty Simple.

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  • Complete This Course

  • Update Your Resume

  • Apply For a Positon

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  • Succeed, Succeed, Succeed!

Hear What Others Have to Say

Angela P., LPN

Class of Spring 2017

Angela P., LPN

"I was so tired of my job at a nursing home so I decided to take this training. After completing the class I was able to get a job with one of the leading health plans in NYC. And now I make more money and have my weekends to myself!"

Course curriculum


  • Is this class online, in person, or at a set time?

    This training is completely online. It is self paced and can be finished in a few weeks (we allow up to six months).

  • How many hours do I need a week to complete this course?

    If you can dedicate at least 5 hours a week to this course you will be able to finish and master it within 4-7 weeks.

  • Will I earn a certificate?

    You will earn a certificate of completion. Also, We can't accept tuition reimbursement. Plus there is no HEDIS course accreditation at this time anywhere (when there is, will be first in line).